Saturday, October 27, 2012

B29 and his little suprise

This was supposed to be a happy blog about how I think I may have met someone worth keeping around.  B29 was also supposed to be kid free.

B29 was someone who responded to my Dark Lord ad (the one where I say I'm not interested in anyone who has or wants to have kids).  We exchanged a few e-mails and then started texting.  Turns out he is a cop (hot!) and a little kinky.  He's also half Peurto Rican (you know I love the Latin men)  I felt I was on the right track.  We finally met about two weeks ago and had a nice date.  I wasn't wowed with him, but I did like him and felt that there was definitely more chemistry via text.

We've spent that last two weeks texting every single day.  It's been nice and I've been looking forward to dating him again.  We finally managed to meet up again last night.  So there we are at Sheffield's sharing some beers and basket of ribs and wings.  I'm being my normal Chatty Cathy and decided to ask him some serious questions.  I had been warned about married men working the dating sites so I flat out asked him if he had ever been married.  Turns out he was recently (as of February) divorced   Okay, I can deal with that.  He was married for 13 years so he can obviously commit.  On a whim I decide to ask if he has kids.  I said this almost jokingly because I've been talking to him for almost a month and he hasn't once mentioned kids.  Also, he knows how much I hate them.  Oh and there is the fact that I put that disclaimer on my FUCKING AD.

Surprise....he has two sons who are 6 and 8.  What the fuck!  I'm sure he saw my reaction to that, but I tried to play it cool and knew I needed time to processes this information.  However, a big part of me wanted to just end the date and run.  We continued our date and had a nice time, but by this point I wasn't even feeling like kissing him and just ran into my apartment when he dropped me off.

Now that I've had time to process I know what I need to do.  I need to let him know that I'm really not cool with the kids.  The part that bothers me the most is that I clearly stated this in my ad and he proceeded to date me without being upfront about that.  Also, I'm not into him enough that I would be willing to accept  kids into my life.  This is a deal breaker for me and I'm not going to budge.  Guess it's back to the drawing board.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


B28 was another response from my Dark Lord add.  He was probably the most up front and cocky of the group.  Here is the first message he sent me:

A little about me:
Seeking a LTR with a single lady who's First and foremost-Honest as trust is the foundation, confident, secure, loving/big heart, fun and can hold a good stimulating conversations or debates, ect...
I'm Single White(1/2 Italian, Polish & Irish). Never married. No kids, only 1 overly friendly, well trained(off leash), non-allergic dog. 40 yrs old. 5'11" 195lbs. Love to laugh and make people as well, loyal, honest to a fault at times, very witty, sarcastic, like stimulating conversations, great kisser, very passionate, sexual & sensual. The common compliments, I receive are: Eyes(blue/green but can change), strong chest, wide shoulders, muscular legs, well endowed, funny, witty, adventurous, daring, good w/business & financial advise. I like going out to good dinners, cocktails, random walks, lakefront, walking my dog, camping, hiking, outdoors, biking, concerts, music, travel ect.. Independent business owner that has somewhat flexible hours. I live alone on the northside in the Lakeview neighborhood. After all said, I'm not arrogant. I believe it's respectful of each others time to be honest and show a bit of yourselves.

I appreciate a guy who is direct, but he really came across as a douche bag -don't you think?  We IM'd a bit and he didn't seem all that bad so I figured I would give him a try.  He works in the restaurant business so we had trouble meeting up.  He kept wanting to meet up at 10pm which is way past my bedtime on most nights.  I finally managed to meet up with him after work one night last week.  We met at Sheffield's and had a few drinks there.  I liked talking to him, but I don't think I was quite feeling it.  He spoke about starting bar fights and other displays of testosterone.  That kind of manly behavior just doesn't fly with me and certainly wasn't a turn on.  Also, he kind of spits when he talks.  It wasn't horrible, but it was noticeable.  These are things you overlook when you like a guy.  However, I just don't know if I can date a llama.

We left there and he invited me back to his place.  I declined and suggested we grab a beer somewhere else.  We went to this really shitty douche bag bar on Clark street and had a few more.  The conversations was fine and it wasn't like he was bad looking, but he just didn't wow me.  At the end of the night he invited me back to his place once again and I once again declined and left it at that.  He texted me later and obviously felt a bit of the cold shoulder from me at the end of the night.  I told him I had a nice time and that we could go out again, but honestly, after writing this blog and reflecting on my date I'm thinking that i really don't want to waste my time with a testosterone filled spitter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

B25, B26, B27 and an appearance from B21

I don't even know where to start.  Operation Dark Lord has kept me really busy.  I've turned into a dating fool these past few weeks.  I think that in the end there will be two Bachelors standing and I actually haven't even gone on dates with them yet.  So here is the breakdown of my next three Bachelors.

B25 responded to my Dark Lord add.  He's a private investigator and I thought that was kind of cool.  I actually had this whole film noir thing playing out in my head.  However, he did not show up in a trench coat, order a whiskey on the rocks and call me a dame.  We did have a nice date involving a few beers at Fountainhead, which is becoming one of my favorite beer bars in Chicago.  He was nice enough and we had a good conversion but I really wasn't feeling a spark.  Also, he kept staring at my boobs so that's pretty annoying.  We left on good terms, but he hasn't called me and I honestly wasn't that in to him so I figured I should let it pass.

B26 is actually someone I met on OKC a bit ago.  He really wasn't my type, but wrote me a really nice e-mail and it turns out he is a food critic so I was thinking I could be foodie friends with him.  I sort of lied and told him I wasn't looking for a relationship.  He e-mailed me a lot and we finally decided to meet up.  We went for lunch (this wasn't a date so I was okay with getting food) and then had a few beers at Sheffiled's (which is now my go-to date place).  Turns out he can not hold his booze and was out after only two drinks.  Pathetic.  I could tell that he was into me, but I was so not into him.  It was fun to talk foodie stuff with him, but he looked like Newman from Seinfeld and can't hold his booze.  No way Jose.  He's been e-mailing and texting me ever since our date last week and I've kind of stopped responding because it's getting a little creepy.  If you send three texts to someone throughout the day and they don't respond then you should probably take a hint.  Also, I think I have issues with guys liking me.  I only seem to like the ones that don't like me in return...what the fuck is up with that?  I feel that's a whole other blog and a few sessions at the therapist.

B27 is someone I might go on a second date with.  He really isn't my type physically   He's the first Chinese-American I've dated and I'm just not turned on by Asian men.  I'm always willing to prove myself wrong though and I like that he seemed very polite and was a world traveler.  Turns out that he's a beer geek too and a pretty funny guy.  I had a really nice date with him, but I just wasn't feeling it.  I'm thinking about giving him a second date before I write him off though. this is a strange twist of fate.  So I had some issues with my debit card and needed to stop by my bank to see if they could help me.  I thought i was just going to go to the teller and make a quick withdrawal and leave   I knew B21 worked at that branch, but I've never run into him.  So I get there and they decided I need to speak to a banker....who happens to be B21.  There was a little awkward moment and then we fall into conversation.  We decide to meet up for a drink.  Turns out that I actually do enjoy hanging with B21 as a friend.  We had a really nice time out and got to catch up with each other.  We agreed to stay in contact and have been texting ever since.  Now, the twist to all of this is that B21 is REALLY into me.  Not only did he make me make a pact to marry him at 40 if we are both single, but he also told me that he had the most amazing sex with me.  It was a total confidence boost to hear that I'm so skilled in the bedroom.  Kind of want to put that on my resume.  He was so kind and sweet to me that I felt bad for not liking him that way in return.  He wants to hook up with me again, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to do.  On the other hand, I'm horny as hell and this might keep me from jumping into bed with an unassuming bachelor.  We'll see, but I'm going to try and keep it in my pants.

So there you have it.  I have 2 more potential Bachelors to try out and then Operation Dark Lord will come to a close.  I don't know if I've found anyone worthy of my Dark Lord yet.  I might have to try posting again and see what I find.