Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy for Cookbooks

I can't get enough of cookbooks and cooking magazines lately. I think it all started with my knife skills class and new year's promise to start eating better. I've been really good about cooking for myself the last few months and have experimented with all sorts of recipes. I just acquired 3 wonderful cookbooks which I can't wait to try out.

In The Green Kitchen by Alice Waters - This book features simple how-to information and lots of basic recipes. I've become more concerned about cooking with fresh local ingredients lately and can't wait for the Farmers Markets to start up in May.

Ad Hoc At Home - by Thomas Keller - I don't think I'm ready for Keller's French Laundry cookbook, but this one seems more my style. I believe this is by far the fanciest cookbook I own.

Modern Mixologist - by Tony Abou-Ganim - Just what I need, another cocktail book. However this one looks like it may turn out to be my favorite.

So what are some of your favorite cookbooks you think I should try out?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mad Girl Gets a Case of the Raging Hormones

What is it about turning 30 that put my sex drive into hyper speed? I seriously feel like a 16 year old boy with raging hormones. Sex seems to be on my mind way too often as of late. I used to be so pragmatic and logical about dating and now I am mostly thinking with my who-ha. In fact, I'm pretty sure it has started making some decisions for me and that really isn't a bad thing. I do believe that it just got fed up with it's lack of exposure to men and decided to take things into its own hands - so to speak.

The reason I bring up this point is because I recently received an e-mail from Aquaman (please refer to my Dating Aquaman post). Aquaman dropped off the face of the earth for about 6 weeks and then we exchanged a few e-mails and then I don't hear from him again for about 2 months until last night.

I'm sure most sane girls would just delete and move on, but I really wouldn't mind hooking up with him again and clearly he's in the market for a booty call as well. Is this wrong of me to be thinking like this? Am I just being too moral? It's okay for men to have casual hook-ups with the the stigma, but is it now okay for women to do the same? More importantly, can I pull this off without getting emotionally attached? I mean the sex wasn't bad and he does live at the end of my block. I'm also sort of curious as to why he would try and contact me again. If I do start seeing him again does he become Bachelor #3 or the Bachelor Formerly Known at Aquaman?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodbye Bachelor #1. Thanks for playing.

I will start this story at the end. Today I got a Brazilian Bikini wax. It was a little impulsive, but I feel that I needed to channel my emotional pain to something a little more tangible. Bachelor #1 and I are no longer dating and I'm not quite sure why. A little over a week ago we had a very nice evening doing a distillery tour and a late dinner. We both seemed to be having a good time and at the end of the night he asked me what my week was like and we kissed goodnight. This was on a Wednesday and I knew he had his parents in town over the weekend so I figured I'd hear from him early the next week. Well, Monday rolled around and nothing and this is when I started to think....he's just not that into me.

Clearly if a boy is interested in a girl he makes the effort to contact her. I wasn't even expecting a call, but a simple text to arrange another date was in order. So, I waited and worried and came up with a game plan. Well, Wednesday rolled around and still nothing so I send him a text and invited him over to my apartment for drinks on Friday. It looks like another guy that I'm dating has someone fallen off the face of the earth because I have not heard from Bachelor #1 and must come to terms with the fact that he was just not as into me as I was to him.

I'm really disappointed because he is one of the few guys that I actually liked spending time with and felt comfortable around. I'm pretty independent so I can't imagine my neediness putting him off...so what gives? We have been on multiple dates and every time we both enjoyed ourselves. The least he could do was send me an email to let me know he was not interested. Now I'm left wondering what went wrong. To deal with this I went to see my waxer and did something drastic. Sure I am currently icing my who-ha down and throwing back some bourbon, but I suspect that when I wake up tomorrow I will feel much better (emotionally and physically).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Thoughts on Easter.

Well, it's Easter Sunday and of course I worked. Since I'm not religious I figure I should be like Jesus and sacrifice for the greater good of my people. My entire family is Catholic. Some are practicing and some just like to use the lord's name in vain. I, however, have no desire to practice any religion. It's just never been my thing. Instead, I have chosen to get some Chinese take out and crack open an IPA. I like to think that Jesus would think this is a pretty okay way to enjoy the day. I do sort of wish I had some lamb -or maybe a lamb cake or those adorable butter lambs that are available this time of year...