Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bachelor #18 and Bachelor #19

Okay, it's been a while and I have so much to say but am way too tired to say it. I did a training session with a new trainer today and my limbs feel like jelly. It was a really good workout and I like my trainer. He's gay, a Virgo and a dancer; so clearly we hit it off. I am going to make more of an effort to work out and loose some of this weight I've been gaining. Goal #1: fit comfortably back into my size 14s.

But enough about that...on to the Bachelors! I went on a first date with Bachelor#18 about two weeks ago. He's a very charming guy from Virginia who likes to drink Jameson on the rocks. I had a really nice time with him and would certainly go out with him again, but I'm not sure if there is chemistry. I do like the way he said my name with a slight Southern accent. Definitely worth a second date. Fun fact about him: His dad is a preacher.

Tonight I went on my first date with Bachelor #19. I was originally drawn to him because he did remind me a bit of B10. I figured that since I liked B10 so much I should stick with the same formula and maybe I'd find a guy who actually wanted to make an honest woman out of me. We went to Kuma's (I had the High on Fire burger) so I did break my 'just drinks' on a first date rule. It was a really great first date. I was really comfortable with him and neither of us was at a loss for words. He has a great sense of humor and he's Mexican, which is totally my MO.

So it looks like some of these guys may be promising. Bachelor #17 is acting all flaky after I slept with him -my bad. What is it about guys that turns them into a different person after sex? This shit is getting really annoying.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bachelor #17

Finally! A really good first date. I actually wasn't too excited about the date with Bachelor #17 because I've been in a dating funk. I think that my crush on B10 and and desire to make him my boyfriend has gotten in the way of my dating other guys. I had exchanged a few e-mails with B17, but nothing that really wowed me. We decided to meet at the Duke of Perth which is always good for a first date because it's close and I don't feel I'm going out of my way to be disappointed by the date (please refer to Bachelor #16). (I also have to add that I had spent the previous night at B10's watching episodes of Louis C.K. and having my brains fucked out at various points in the night. Needless to say I was a little tired.)

So, I made my way to Duke of Perth and was not at all into the idea of going on a date. I really just wanted to go home and put my pjs on and watch TV. I got there a few minutes early and B17 was 7 minutes late. I was going to give him 5 more minutes and then head home. B17 showed up and apologized for being late stating that he forgot the name of the place and almost went into a bar across the street. I was willing to overlook that because he did seem genuine.

B17 was way cuter in real life then in his pictures. He's 40, but looks like he's in his early 30's. He has dazzling blue eyes and is really good looking in that dashing gay man sort of way. Why do I always find myself on dates with guys who seem to be a little gay? He was wearing a tight black button down shirt that also struck me as something a gay man would wear to Sidetracks, but I was willing to overlook all of this because I do believe my gay-dar is broken these days and it turns out that these type of men are usually good in bed (ie. Bachelor #6)

We started talking and I instantly realized that this was going to be a really decent date. There weren't any awkward moments and I found that i was quite comfortable with him. What was even cooler is that he also seemed into me! I still don't quite understand it when a guy is into me, but he actually told me that he was having a really good time. He even asked to kiss me mid date. This gave me some flashbacks to my first date with B12 (remember beer, bacon and sex?). Mid first date kisses are always the best. However, I was a little hesitant to like this guy and tried really hard to play it cool.

Anyway, B17 made it to a 4 beer date on a school night which I informed him was a very good sign. He even went so far as to secure the second date. I really think that if I said I wanted to see him the next night he would have agreed to that. At the end of night he walked me home and tried to pull me down a dark alley to make out. However, I stood my ground and resisted. I was very proud of myself because six months ago I was would have easily dragged him home and slept with him. So, we get to my apartment and he says he has to use the restroom (yeah right). I let him come up, but have already decided that there will not be any funny business.

He came up to my apartment and looked around...he did try to lead me towards an indiscretion in the bedroom, but I pulled away. We had a very nice make out session by my hallway entrance where I somehow became braless, but I pulled away and kicked him out. How's that for self control?

B17 certainly has potential, but I'm trying really hard to not get excited about him because I've been let down too often in the past. I am going to try and wait until we make it past three dates before I really start liking him. Now the question I sleep with him on date 2 or wait a bit longer?

Bachelor #16

I really just wanted to write about Bachelor #17, but figured I should also give Bachelor #16 his due cred.

B16 and I met up a few weeks ago. I hadn't paid as much attention to his profile because I was communicating with a lot of guys at the same time. He invited me on a date and I accepted. From the look of his picture he looked like a hipster boy with big black geeky glasses. He suggested we meet at Hub 51 for our first date and this got me thinking that he might have been a douchebag.

Hub 51 is the place to be seen and I knew that I would not fit in. They have a dress code and this is where all the well to do trendy 20 somethings hang out and drink Sophia out of cans with straws. So, I put on my cute little black dress and did my best to try to blend in. I showed up first, but he arrived a little bit later. Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was Indian. WTF! I really need to do a better job of pre-screening. I was certainly not attracted to him. Besides being Indian, he also had a little bit of a 'stach. Ugh! We had our drink and chatted a bit. He seemed nice enough, but I knew this probably wouldn't last past the first date.

He suggested we go get some sushi so we left Hub 51 and he tried to locate somewhere nearby on his IPhone. When he wasn't having much luck I suggested we go to the Purple Pig - a small plates place that focuses on pork. He agreed and we headed up the street. Once we were there and sitting at the table looking at the menu he mentioned that he didn't usually eat pork. This would have been nice to know before we sat down. Also, with a name like Purple Pig you would think he would have asked me about the food before we arrived. So the date was off to an awkward start. He took a long time to decide on what to order and seemed to be a very picky person. He tasted 3 different wines before he settled on one. At this point I should have just asked the waitress to leave the bottle. He also didn't know what half the stuff on the menu was so he total lost foodie cred with me. We had some decent conversation though. The one thing that really bothered me was when he tried to tell me about myself. At one point we were talking about relationships and he told me that I wasn't a relationship person and I shouldn't try to be one. WTF!

What type of guy would say this to a girl who is clearly out there trying to have a relationship. What a douche.