Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a cautionary tale about not sleeping in

This morning I found myself awake at 6:30am. It is my day off and I had only gone to bed about 5 hours earlier. However, I had two things on my mind: acid indigestion due to a late night pizza party and the fact that B10 may have a girlfriend. I texted B10 yesterday to see if he wanted to get drinks (aka have sex). He texted me back to decline because he thinks he's heading towards a serious relationship with a girl and didn't wanted to screw that up. My heart sank. Why couldn't I be his girlfriend? The truth is that I really like him. He's been in my life on and off for almost two years. We get along well, share details from each others lives and have awesome sex. Somehow, he doesn't see me as girlfriend material (which is what i used to say about him) and now I'm kind of hurt. I'm going to make a deal with myself that if things don't work out with this chippie I'm going to tell him how I feel. What do I have to loose right?

Anyway, this isn't a story about B10 and my broken heart. This is a cautionary tale about not sleeping in. Wednesday is the day that the Green City Market takes over Lincoln Park. I usually go there around 10 or 11 when it's being swarmed by Lincoln Park mommies (or nannies) and their double wide strollers. It's not a pleasant experience, but I love being able to get fresh produce and chat with the various vendors. I decided that since I was up so early I would head down to the market and beat the crowd. This turned out to be a great move because when I got there the market was empty and I had more time to peruse the stalls at leisure. I knew i wanted to make a mushroom soup so I stopped by the booth with all the mushrooms. The very attractive mushroom guy suggested i do three different kinds: cremini, shitake and oyster. It was about $18 for two pounds of mushrooms so this soup better taste delicious.

After I got everything I needed (asparagus, strawberries, thyme, fresh eggs and bread from Bennisons) I decided to take a stroll around the nature boardwalk and into the zoo. I was cutting through the zoo and planning my dream wedding that would take place at Cafe Brauer. I was deep in my head and having a very peaceful journey....and then I fell flat on my face. Turns out there was a big black hose crossing the path and I was so busy planning my imaginary wedding that i did not see it. I tripped and fell hard on my left knee and hand. I haven't fallen like that since elementary school. And damn did it hurt! I felt like crying. I was bleeding and badly torn up. I managed to limp to the bus stop and all really wanted to do was head home and crawl back into bed. However, I couldn't head straight home because I needed to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items.

I swung by a small neighborhood grocery store and saw that they had el milargro flour tortillas. These are my fave and I got the idea to do chorizo and egg burritos for breakfast. Surely that would make my day better. So, after purchasing a few necessities I headed home. Right now I'm enjoying a delightful mix of moscato and grapefruit juice. I'm going to make my burritos and head back to bed. Hopefully, when i wake up it will be a better day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

out of line

Why do people think they have the right to post nasty or inappropriate comments on other people's facebook page? It's like we totally forgot good etiquette when it comes to cell phones and Internet (which is a whole other blog). What got me thinking about this is a recent situation where a guy my friend was dating posted something inappropriate on one of her friend's facebook page. What gives him or anyone else who does this shit the right?

I have a diverse group of facebook friends and I know there are quite a few of them that I don't see eye to eye with, but if they post something about their views I would never post my comment on the issue. It just doesn't seem like the right place to start that debate. Those conversations that are best held offline or in a private e-mail. I think it's ignorant and disrespectful to get into a battle about politics, religion, sexual orientation, etc on facebook. I'm all for open, intelligent debate, but there has to be some ground rules.

Chances are that if you are a facebook friend and start to spew a lot of right wing bullshit then I will most likely just block your feeds. If someone posts something really out of line (like a racist or sexist comment) then I might respond, but only in extreme cases. I had this happen once when a cousin posted a racist comment and his friends started jumping in and throwing around some really horrible remarks. I jumped in, said my peace, let my cousin know I really disappointed in him and then I just blocked his updates. I wasn't about to defriend him, but I wasn't' going to continue to be involved with his and his friends hateful messages. I've also blocked some people who tend to be a little too religious for my taste. Like those people who post something about how great jesus is on every freaking post. This just annoys me.

Bottom line is that facebook is meant to be a social network. I like that I can stay connected with friends and keep up with their adventures even though they live across the country or across the ocean. It's cool to see what everyone is up to and to share things that are important in my life. My friends don't have to agree with what I post, but I ask that they respect my opinion and I'll do the same for them. It's when ignorant assholes feel they can post hateful or hurtful comments on someone else's page that I get pissed. It's totally out of line.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

B22 too good to be true?

It was supposed to be an innocent little coffee date. I've never just met a guy for coffee before. Combine that with the fact that he was a half an hour late and seemed a little aloof....well you can see where I'm going, but you'd be wrong.

B22 was my first match.come date. After four months of nothing I finally land a date with a really good looking, well traveled, med student. I was convinced that he wouldn't be the guy from the pictures, but some skeezy old dirtbag. Why would a guy like that be interested in a gal like me? I do not tend to attract your average male hottie which is what B22 looked like he was. I almost didn't respond to his initial wink but I decided to take a chance. I think my chance paid off.

Turns out that B22 lives in Northbrook, which a little outside the city. We didn't exchange the usual series of e-mails. He just sent me his number and suggested we meet for coffee. Hmmmmm....this really didn't seem like it was going to work and I was actually thinking about canceling the more I thought about it. However, we did end up meeting at a cafe in Evanston (The Brothers K). When he finally showed up I had been enjoying one of the best cappuccinos of my life and reading a book on my nook. At first I thought he was a bit distant and uninterested, but we decided to take a walk and things started to warm up. He's a pretty straight forward guy and asked me a lot about what I was looking for. I'm always put off by this because I really don't have a solid answer. Turns out he likes curvy girls so I started to understand why he interested in dating me. He actually said that he did not have any interest in skinny girls. I sort of wanted to hug him. See ladies, there are decent attractive guys who like us for who we are.

We ended up sitting in a park getting to know each other. Turns out that he's a pretty cool guy and while we don't have a lot in common we certainly hit it off. He's Egyptian and Greek so he has a bit of an accent. That doesn't really do it for me too much anymore, but it's definitely a bonus. He's extremely liberal and has a sarcastic sense of humor. These attributes are always a plus. I felt like I could talk freely with him and was pretty upfront about who I am. That didn't seem to scare him away.

About an hour into our date he suggests we go back to his place to grill and watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which I've never seen). Despite my beginning reservations I was having a really nice time with him and had no reason to turn his offer down. So I took the leap and we headed back to his place. We grilled chicken, drank a few beers and had a very intense make out session. I was so proud of the fact that it only went that far. I didn't even need a chastity belt!

He then drove me home and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a second date. I'm going to leave the ball in his court though. I need to know that he's interested in pursuing me. It's funny because he really isn't the type of guy I pictured myself with. He's fit, good looking and is gong to be a doctor for craps sake. He smokes and is into sports. I'm not necessarily feeling an intense spark with him yet, but damn if I don't want to get him into bed (which I will wait a few more dates to do). I want to give this a chance to be more than sex though. This may not turn out to be anything, but I think I want to see where it goes.

Update: He texted me to let me know he had a good time. Looks like this is a go.

Friday, May 18, 2012

back in action

I wish I could make my comeback with some exciting news about how I met Mr. Right and have been way too busy to blog because I've been falling in love...not so much. Same old shit still going on. I've cut off all ties to B21 and have been flying solo for a while. The good news is that B10 is making guest appearances and I even had a visit from B4. However, work has been the thing that is really bringing me down. I've gone through so much transition and I'm sick of telling myself that things will get better and I'll be able to have a normal social life again. Not so. So right now I've got work stress to deal with, extra pounds to loose and prince charming to find. Better get to work.