Sunday, June 2, 2013

don't bother

May 29th 5:40 pm
Mad Girl: Are we still on for tomorrow?

May 30 9:27 am
MG: Morning Sunshine

May 30 6:59 pm
B23: Still working ugh these apartments will kill me.  I'll make it up to you.

May 30 8:11pm
MG:  Don't bother

What is wrong with these guys I choose to date?  When you make plans with a girl you keep them or you don't fucking keep her waiting all day and ditch her at the last minute.  I was willing to give B23 second chance because I liked him and the sex was pretty awesome, but no man is worth this.  I'm throwing in the towel and not going to go out of my way to date guys anymore.  I'm going to reinvest the time I put into into dating into looking for a new job.  The bachelors of Chicago are just going to have to wait while I tend to my future happiness.

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