Wednesday, October 30, 2013

are you kidding me?

I should be sleeping in on my day off right now.  Instead, I got up to use the rest room, checked my OKC account, got a message from B31 and now I have to write this blog.  So I REALLY like B31.  I've been thinking about him non stop since our last date.  I have not heard from him for almost 2 weeks so I just assumed that he dropped of the face of the earth like the rest of my bachelors do.  Then I get this message:

Hey, sorry for falling of the faces of the earth!  After freezing my ass off up north I  got home to all kinds of weird ex might be able to move to Chicago with her job.  I had a lot of fun when we went out and you know I want to do scary movie night.  I feel weird thinking about how fun it would be to hang out with you, but still thinking about my Ex way more than a sane man should.  W were together a few years before I moved here last month.  This is strange now, you're actually very cool, so instead of trying to sleep with you and then get weird about this shit...I decided that I should just put it out there then I don't feel like a dick.

Haha, since I'm only human I feel that I have to put this out there also, if your normal booty calls were all busy one night before December 1, you could send me a message on here anytime and I would want to get with you...but you already know that didn't you?

Are you kidding me?  I just can't win.  I've never had a guy be this straightforward and honest with me and I appreciate that. In fact, it makes me attracted to him even more. There is a huge part of me that is totally bummed about the girlfriend moving to the city.  If this bitch had really cared to begin with she would have made plans to move when he did.  However, I really want to get with him regardless.  I know that's a whole mess of complication (do I think I am going to steal him away from his girlfriend?) but if I don't hook up with him I think that will make me even more crazy.  I was planing on sleeping with him on scary movie night anyway.  So maybe I get a month of awesome hook ups and then just move on.  Knowing me I'll become attached, but at least this time I'll know why I'm getting dumped.  Weigh in with your thoughts.

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